Welcome to REAL Alternatives - an e-learning programme for technicians working in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector designed to improve skills and knowledge in safety, efficiency, reliability and containment of alternative refrigerants.  The programme is supported by a mix of interactive e-learning, printed training guides, tools, assessments for use by training providers and an e-library of additional resources signposted by users. 
REAL Alternatives has been developed by a consortium of associations and training bodies from across Europe part funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme, with the support of industry stakeholders.   Materials are available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Polish.
Note: the materials are being updated to take into account changes in EN378:2016 published December 2016 and will be reissued shortly. In the mean time you can download this free summary of key changes in the European safety standard from the Institute of Refrigeration (UK).
The Real Alternatives Europe e-learning programme consists out of the following modules:
  1. Introduction to Alternative Refrigerants - safety, efficiency, reliability and good practice
  2. System design using alternative refrigerants
  3. Containment and leak detection of alternative refrigerants
  4. Maintenance and repair of alternative refrigerant systems
  5. Checklist of legal obligations when working with alternative refrigerants (coming soon)
  6. Measuring the financial and environmental impact of leakage (coming soon)
  7. Tools and guidance for conducting site surveys  (coming soon)
Notes for the pilot version - this version only includes a small selection of assessment tests as an example.
For the final version of the programme the assessment will take the form of a single test comprising 40 multiple choice questions. Each question will be linked to a specific topic area. The pass mark will be 70% and feedback on results will be immediate.  The assessment will only be accesible via registered training providers.
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