This e-learning programme contains four e-learning modules that will help you to develop skills in refrigerant containment and leakage reduction.

The e-learning programme will cover not only the legal requirements but also the environmental and financial impact of leakage and how to take a proactive approach to reducing leaks in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems (RACHP systems) to prevente refrigerant leaks in the future.  

There are four modules in the complete programme:

1-Environmental, cost and legal aspects of refrigerant leakage
2-Reducing leakage through appropriate maintenance and service
3-Minimising Leakage – Good Practice for Design, Installation and Commissioning
4-Reducing leakage through site specific surveys and advice

Each module includes self test exercises (which are not full assessments). They are included to help you check that you have understood the material in the module. 

Note: the materials are being updated to take into account changes in EN378:2016 published December 2016 and will be reissued shortly. In the mean time you can download this free summary of key changes in the European safety standard from the Institute of Refrigeration (UK).

CPD Certification and Assessment

An optional Certificate of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is available to learners who successfully complete a REAL Skills Assessment. The multiplte choice Assessment papers cover the first three modules only.  The fee for Certification and Assessment is 35 euro per person (which covers all three modules). For more information on how you can obtain Certification and the conditions of accessing the Assessments see


REAL Zero builds on the F Gas Regulation requirements with good practice recommendations. Recently revised and updated, the programme provides free e-learning & downloads which will help you to:
Supporting materials

There are booklets and tools that will support your learning and are provide more information on the topics covered in the e-learniing modules. These are: 

You can access these from the Downloads area of the e-learning site.

Ownership and use of this programme

The REAL Skills learning programme has been developed by a consortium of associations and training bodies from across Europe, based on a project originally co-funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme in 2011, with the support of industry stakeholders.  Educators, manufacturers and designers across Europe have contributed to the content.  

You can use and distribute this material for individual training purposes.  The Modules, Booklets and Tools remain copyright of the Institute of Refrigeration and partners.  Material may be reproduced either as a whole or as extracts for training purposes on written application to REAL Skills Europe, c/o Institute of Refrigeration, UK email: Any queries about the content or the learning programme should also be addressed to

This document is based on information and legislation current at date of publication. The Institute of Refrigeration and partners accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions.  

Originally published in June 2011. Revised August 2015 © IOR all rights reserved